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Writing is not an exercise in excision, it’s a journey into sound. - E B White

Articles authored by the cartoonist

“What’s up with the rag head?”: When I starred in a Facebook ad - Salon (Dec 09, 2014)
How to Draw...bearded and turbaned Sikh - The Guardian (Nov 07, 2014)
I survived a genocidal massacre 30 years ago: A Cartoon Biography - Medium (Oct 31, 2014)
Where Are You From? - Hyphen Magazine (Sept 29, 2014)
My Chance Encounter as Captain America with a 9/11 Responder - Medium (Sept 11, 2014)
Sikh Temple Shooting Anniversary Reminds Us an American Hero Can Have a Turban and Beard - Huffington Post (Aug 05, 2014)
Captain America On a Not So Stereotypical Mission - Huffington Post (May 06, 2014)
Love Letters to Turbaned Captain America - Angry Asian Man (Feb 25, 2014)
Adventures of Sikh Captain America in Los Angeles (Feb 2014)
What I learned as Captain America in a Turban - Salon (Nov 17, 2013)
Captain America in a Turban - Salon (Sept 10, 2013)
The Arithmetic of Mass-Murder by India's Police - SikhChic (Aug 07, 2013)
Op-ed: Wham. Bang. Pow. It's time for a superhero to fight hate crimes - Seattle Times (Oct 12, 2012)
My life in a Turban - Salon (Sept 11, 2012)
The Most Dangerous Art and Occupation ... of the Cartoonist - SikhChic (July 03, 2012)
1984 and I:The Cartoonist - Sikhchic (Feb 16, 2009)

Interviews/Videos with the cartoonist

This turbaned Captain America wants to change the country - MSNBC (Feb 2015)
Man behind the Shield - Teaching Tolerance Magazine (Spring Issue 2015)
In Response To Racist Facebook Commenters, Sikh Cartoonist Preaches Tolerance - Huffington Post (Dec 12, 2014)
Facebook features Sikh man in video, Racists can't handle it - Angry Asian Man (Dec 12, 2014)

Captain America is a Sikh. You got a problem with that? - Public Radio International (Oct 17, 2014)
Fighting Enmity Against Sikhs With Art, Talks and Superhero Garb - New York Times (September 19, 2014)
Video: Sikh Captain America on KU campus - KU Media Mix (May 21, 2014)
Sikh Captain America visits KU to bust stereotypes: An internet super hero - Lawrence Journal (Apr 17, 2014)
Angry Reader of the Week - Angry Asian Man blog (Feb 07, 2014)
When Captain America Wears a Turban, What Does He Fight For? - The Atlantic Monthly Magazine (Jan 02, 2014)
A new face for Captain America: A conversation on MSNBC with Melissa Harris-Perry (Dec 01, 2013)

When did you come face-to-face with race?: A conversation on CBC Radio One (Nov 16, 2013)
Podcast - My story starts at 33:07 but I encourage you to listen to entire show
Sikh superheroes on Free Speech Zone @HuffPostLive: A conversation with Alyona Minkovski (Nov 11, 2013)
Video - Turbanful conversation starts at 22:47
Sikhs, Superheroes and Hate: A conversation on National Public Radio (Nov 23, 2012)
Interview with Dick Gordon on 'The Story' from American Public Media (Oct, 2012)
Video - Interview with Silver Cheese Media at 2011 NYC Comic Con
First Sikhtoons art exhibit in New York City in 2009

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